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Research At Alivation

Dr. Walt Duffy, Founder and Medical Director of Alivation Research, has been the principal investigator on over 150 clinical trials since 2005.  Alivation could not have done it without the participation of the general public. Take a look at our current studies to see if you are eligible to participate.



Who Are We?

Alivation Research takes part in research studies that  help further science and medicine, and we are looking for qualified candidates to help.  Our goal is to measure results and to determine the safety and tolerability of treatment options.  Research makes it possible for our patients to access the newest treatments when traditional treatments may not be working.  Participants are often compensated for their time and travel and receive their study medication and devices at no cost.

What do you get out of it?

Compensation from our research sponsors.

A feeling that you have participated in something meaningful.

Some healthcare (study medication)

for free.

A chance to help science, yourself, & others

Current Studies

What Studies Do We Currently Offer?

We offer both adult and pediatric study trials. They each have their own distinct requirements. Be sure to read the description carefully. Then complete the form below to contact us and receive  more information about joining a study.

Adult Studies

Study Number #1

     Indication: Mild to Moderate     

    Cognitive Impairment or 


     Investigational Product:     

     Electroencephalogram (EEG) and non-

     intrusive software.

     Ages 55 85             

     Compensation - $250

Study Number #2

     Indication: ADHD

     Investigational Product: Game-Based           Digital Therapy.

     Ages 22-55

     Compensation - Maximum $175

Study Number #3

   Indication:  Major Depressive     


   Investigational Product: ALTO-100 

    (benzylpiperazine aminopyridine 


     Ages  19 - 65

     Compensation - Maximum $615.

Study Number:  #5

     Indication: Obstructive Sleep 


     Investigational Product: Hypoglossal             Nerve Stimulator.

     Ages 22 years and older.

     Compensation - $100 per visit

Study Number:  #4

     Indication: Major Depressive        Disorder.

     Investigational Product:   


     Ages 19-65

     Compensation - $60 per visit

Study Number #6

     Indication: Bipolar I

     Investigational Product: Aramisulpride         + Esamisulpride.

     Ages 19-65

     Compensation - $75 per visit

Study Number #7

     Indication: PTSD

     Investigational Product: Balovaptan.

     Ages 19-60

     Compensation - $100 per visit

Pediatric Studies

Study Number #10

     Indication: Tourette's     


     Investigational Product:         


     Ages 6 years and older.

     Compensation - $75 per visit

Study Number #11

     Indication: Malnourishment.

     Investigational Product: Oral Nutritional         


     Ages 3-8

     Compensation - $50 per visit

Study Number  #12

     Indication: Healthy Newborns.

     Investigational Product: Experimental       Formula.

     Ages 0-14 Days

     Compensation - Maximum $1,410

Study # 13.

Indication: ADHD

Investigational Product:


Ages 4 - 17

Compensation: $53 per visit.

Join a Study

Want to Join a Study?

If you think that you fit any of the requirements for our research studies fill out this form below, which will then be sent to us for review.  If you qualify for the research study, we will have a member of our team get back to you on the next steps. If you are a sponsor or CRO, please see the page below.

Join a Study

                 Thanks for submitting!​               We will contact you soon.


For Sponsors/CRO's

If you are looking to work with Alivation Research. Please fill out and submit this form.

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Our Research Team


Contact Us

Alivation Research, LLC.

8550 Cuthills Circle

Lincoln, NE, 68526


Tel: (402) 476-6060 (Option 4)


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