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Dr. Duffy is the Owner and Chief Medical Officer of Alivation Health, a cutting-edge healthcare organization that uses an integrated, team-based approach to patient care. Formally Premier Psychiatric Group, Alivation offers extensive and innovative services including brain and behavioral health, neurology, primary care, an on-site pharmacy, and a research institute. Our organization strives to be the best we can be to our internal team, our partners and the patients who allow us to take part in their care. Alivation seeks these same characteristics in its potential partners and collaborators.
Alivation has clinical, business, relationship, and technology leadership experts leveraging their combined knowledge to provide patients “Next Level” care.
Dr. Duffy has been a leader in Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) having treated more than 800 patients and delivering over 40,000 treatment sessions. He has also interpreted thousands of pharmacogenomics tests.
As an entrepreneur Dr. Duffy’s experience has included the development of an IT company, an integrated healthcare organization, an on-site pharmacy, a robust telehealth service having delivered over 15,000 clinical encounters in a year, a medical device distributorship company, a partnership with a non-US-based organization, land and property-based companies, and a clinical research company for pharmaceuticals and devices with expertise in Phase-IV studies. He has collaborated with a university on the development of a medical device. Alivation also provides a postdoctoral program, the training of PA students and others, and has successfully placed some postdocs in residencies where others were not able to do so.


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